About the Chester County Community Foundation

Our Mission

The Chester County Community Foundation connects people who care with the causes that matter, so their philanthropy makes a difference now and forever.

We are entrusted with 400+ family, individual, community group & nonprofit legacy funds

Fast Facts

  • CCCF helps people establish endowed legacy funds and make effective grants for perpetuity.
  • CCCF is one of 650 Community Foundations across the nation.
  • CCCF was founded in 1994. The oldest Community Foundation in the U.S. is 100 years old, so CCCF is relatively young and growing.
  • CCCF is entrusted with over 400 funds and holds over $70 million in trust. Investments are professionally managed by a chief investment officer firm, overseen by the Board’s Investment Committee.
  • CCCF has 28 Board members, 8 professional staff, and 100+ committee volunteers.
  • CCCF annually awards $3.5 million in grants and scholarships. Grants are made to charities in Chester County and across the U.S.
  • CCCF awards grants and scholarships primarily through endowed Donor Advised Funds, Field of Interest Funds, and Nonprofit Endowment funds. Most of CCCF’s grants are made via Donor Advised Funds – donor families recommend grants to the Board for approval.
  • CCCF encourages and inspires philanthropy by working with: families and individuals interested in legacy giving; teenage youths interested in philanthropy; private foundations; professional advisors, especially estate planners and financial planners; and nonprofits.

If you want to help improve the community forever, get involved with the Community Foundation. Start your own donor advised fund, make a donation to an existing fund, or donate to the Community Foundation’s core programs and services via the annual fund.

Click here for an overview of our 25th Anniversary. Click here to learn more about our board of directors over the last quarter century.

Annual Reports

Click here to the Community Foundation’s annual reports and IRS 990 forms.

Chester County Community Foundation received accreditation by the Community Foundations National Standards Board for philanthropic excellence in March 2019. This accreditation represents the Chester County Community Foundation’s commitment to upholding federal and state law requirements of accountability to communities, policymakers, and the public.