VIRTUAL 26th Annual Meeting

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The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation cordially invites you to virtually attend our 26th Annual Meeting.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the community, our 26th Annual Meeting is going virtual to ensure the health and safety of our supporters. All community members are invited to virtually attend an afternoon or evening viewing of the Annual Meeting on October 26, 2020 at 12:15pm and 4:15pm.

12:05 Live music by The Sermon!
12:15 Annual meeting program
12:45 Post-meeting reception

4:05 Live music by The Sermon!
4:15 Annual meeting program
4:45 Post-meeting reception

Anthony Morris, Esq., Outgoing Board Chair

Michael DeHaven, CPA, Incoming Board Chair

Growing Philanthropy – Door Opener Award
CCCF Response to COVID-19
Social Justice Initiatives
Strategic Plan

We are grateful for your ongoing dedication to philanthropy during these unprecedented times. In troubling times like this, our vision statement reminds us of philanthropy’s core purpose: to transform our region into a better place for all.

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For questions, contact or call (610) 696 – 8211.