Gallery Walk

Stop by the Lincoln Building (28 W Market St, West Chester) during the Gallery Walk to see artwork by three local artists.

Dane Tilghman
Dane has established himself as one of the premier painters of African American Art. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States at art festivals, galleries, trade shows, convention centers and sports arenas, where he has received numerous awards. Whether painting, singing, or speaking in public, Dane Tilghman is assuredly an inspiration to everyone touched by his artistically rich spirit.

LaVerne Bartley
Sewing has been a part of LaVerne’s life since she was a child, making clothing for her favorite dolls. This grew into her designing clothing and doing alterations for close friends and family. After retirement, at the urging of her family, she decided to share her gift and Custom Designs by LaVerne was born. LaVerne’s entire inventory comes from her vision, and each piece is handcrafted with love.

Reece Turner
Reecies Soaps & Natural Products was birthed in 2017 when founder Reece Turner suffered from eczema. She and her parents went on a quest to find all natural products that would help her on her journey. As they researched, they found that many suffer from the same skin condition. As a result, Reece suggested she start making her own soap, which ultimately helped soothe her eczema.