For the Union

About the Book 

February 11, 2020 will be the 160th anniversary of the first published biography of Abraham Lincoln. This biography appeared on the front page of The Chester County Times in 1860.

On this momentous anniversary, Lincoln’s rarely seen biography will be reprinted in a new book titled For The Union by local author Malcolm Johnstone. This book will also follow the extraordinary story of how Quaker abolition, a hanging, a slave riot, and a small newspaper in West Chester set the stage to launch Lincoln’s quest for the presidency.

The building where this historic publication took place is still standing in downtown West Chester. Built in 1833 by William Everhart, it is currently owned by the Chester County Community Foundation. The Community Foundation meticulously maintains the historic integrity of the structure to become a time-capsule into our past. Visit the Community Foundation at the Lincoln Building (28 West Market Street, West Chester) for a tour.

Included in the book is Lincoln’s 1859 autobiography as well as Joseph J. Lewis’s biography, which is said to have influenced a million voters.

Book Release February 11, 2020 
Launch Party February 26, 2020 **click here for details**

About the Author: Malcolm Johnstone

Since 2001, Malcolm Johnstone has served as Executive Director of the West Chester Business Improvement District (BID). The BID is a nationally accredited Main Street organization, specializing in public relations and marketing strategies, that works to better the quality of life in Downtown West Chester.

Malcolm writes for a number of local and regional publications, including County Lines Magazine, WC Press and West Chester Fig. He has authored several blogs focused on the rich history of Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley. A regular speaker at local, regional and national conferences, Malcolm loves spreading his knowledge on downtown development and local history.

Speaking engagements

If you are interested in having Malcolm speak at your event or meeting, please contact


April 15, 2020, 7:00am

Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary

West Chester Senior Center

530 East Union Street, West Chester, PA 19382

Oct 17, 2019 11:00am 

The Women’s Auxiliary

Chester County Hospital

701 E. Marshall Street, West Chester, PA 19380