Act in Faith Fund

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Mission Statement

Assisting the Community Together(ACT) in Faith(AiF) is an interfaith ministry that seeks to support our neighbors in need by facilitating communication, coordinating support and supplementing resources beyond the reach of existing social services.

Act in Faith Values:

  • Respect: Realizing that respect and consideration are essential for all who seek our help
  • Generosity: Believing in the willingness of people from all faith communities to contribute time and resources to those in need
  • Advocacy: Being a voice to help insure that the support of existing social services is received by all who are eligible
  • Action: Facilitating the communication and networking necessary to bridge gaps in service
  • Restoration: Committing our efforts to help people change the circumstances that brought them to our doors
  • Reciprocity: Knowing that all who seek our help are able to help others in return
  • Appreciation: Recognizing that the ability to help others is itself a blessing
  • Unity: Working together increases our impact on the lives of those in need and strengthens the bonds of the human family