AIP Fund

All Children Deserve a Good Life

Our grants focus on nonprofit programs that help children & youth deal with any/all of these issues:
1. alleviate homelessness, hunger & poverty
2. instill holistic health & well-being: physical, cognitive, emotional & social
3. educate for academic and social excellence

  • Our aim is to develop resilient, self-sufficient children empowered with strong coping skills, so we help build families, groups, communities and a world where loving kindness towards all prevails.
  • We fund nonprofit projects in and near Chester County, PA.
  • 1, 2 and 3-year project requests are considered, with a plan of self-sufficiency after 3 years of funding.
  • Proposals are welcome anytime throughout the year. Decisions are made monthly.
  • Per IRS regulations, applicants must be charitable, tax exempt organizations with 501(c)(3) certification. Applicants cannot be individuals.
  • E-mail proposals are strongly encouraged to
  • Receipt will be confirmed by e-mail.
  • Questions? Please contact Kevin Baffa at (610) 696-8211 or

CLICK HERE for more information and for the grant application.