Brother Moon and Sister Sun Fund (Brenneman Family)


The purpose of this fund is to support organizations that help food insecure and housing insecure individuals with disabilities.

Our Story

The name Brother Moon and Sister Sun comes from a Korean folktale about the origin of the moon and sun. Two siblings waited for their mother to come home when a knock sounded on the front door. Instead of their mother, a tiger was waiting and tricked them into letting it in. Frightened, the children ran and the tiger pursued. To evade the hungry tiger, they climbed a tree and asked the heavens to help them escape. Down came a rope. Up the children went, higher and higher, till finally they climbed into the sky where brother became the sun and the sister, the moon. However, the sister was frightened of the dark. The kind older brother let the sister be the sun and he became the moon in her place. Although separated into day and night, both siblings illuminate the world.

Like this folktale, we hope this fund will be able to shine a small light on the world after Elaine, Steve and Mia lost their beloved son and older brother Asa in a fatal accident. Despite the tiger-like adversity that Asa faced throughout his life with autism, his courage and persistence was remarkable, and his love for his family and friends was big and genuine. His interest in and compassion for others was inspiring to everyone he met.
Asa’s goal was to help those who struggle with food insecurity and homelessness. He thought deeply about the way that a disability may impact an individual’s ability to function in traditional work environments and to find housing. With this fund we hope to continue his work.
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