COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

The Community Foundation’s COVID-19 RAPID RESPONSE FUND provides flexible resources to Chester County nonprofits disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and the economic consequences of this outbreak. This is designed as a flexible short-term and long-term response fund to provide relief for a variety of unexpected costs.

Nonprofits that provide basic needs such as food, access to healthcare, and financial stability support have an increased need for flexible, unrestricted funding to meet heightened needs. These needs will progress into the coming months as nonprofits continue to serve the community during this crisis, and recover from the financial strain of offering increased services and programs. General questions & inquiries about the COVID-19 Fund can be directed to

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Three funding priority levels:

(1) Front Line Grants fund community-based nonprofits that have increased demand for services due to COVID-19, and will continue to have an increased demand even as states enter the yellow and green phases of the reopening process.

These nonprofits have deep roots in community and a strong track-record serving people who are disproportionately suffering from this crisis, both immediately and in the long-run. This includes services to financially vulnerable people who work in industries without sick leave and/or health care; homeless populations; health-challenged individuals; domestic violence victims; and those struggling to maintain housing during this pandemic.

Grants are intended to complement the work of public health officials and expand local capacity to address acute needs of the outbreak as efficiently as possible. Note: These grants are NOT of the scale to support larger public institutions that are strained by increased demand for services.

Examples of the types of nonprofits in most need of Front Line Grant support: community-based health clinics; food bank and food pantries; meal delivery programs; homelessness programs; and domestic violence shelters.

(2) Service Challenged Grants fund nonprofits that are modifying their in-person service delivery modes extremely rapidly due to COVID-19, and need assistance to do so. These nonprofits likely need additional assistance to upgrade sanitation protocols, and obtain cleaning supplies and service personnel.

This includes: youth centers; recreation centers; child care facilitates; senior services; adult day care; and community-based education programs.

(3) Collateral Damage Grants fund nonprofits facing extreme difficulty because of lost revenue due to closures and cancellations, as well as other challenges.

Donate to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

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COVID-19 Rapid Reponse Fund

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