Easttown Library Foundation Endowment Fund

The Easttown Library Foundation Endowment Fund was created to enrich the present and ensure the future of the Easttown Library.

Our goal is to reach $2 million.  With an annual payout of up to 5% of the year-end value of the Endowment Fund, the library would have a self-sustaining income source to help fund the operating, program, and capital needs of our library in order to continue to serve our community now and into the future.

The mission of Easttown Library is to advance literacy, the love of reading and learning, and economic and cultural engagement through education and access to information.  The primary mission of the Easttown Library Foundation is to support the library and to ensure its long-term financial stability.

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For further information about Easttown Library and the Foundation, please visit the library’s website.


Mail a check, made payable to “Easttown Library Foundation Endowment Fund”, to:

Easttown Library Foundation Endowment Fund c/o CCCF
28 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382