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The Chester County Community Foundation is a collection of 400 donor advised family funds, nonprofit endowment funds, field of interest funds, and scholarship funds. Here is a listing of the current charitable funds under our auspices:


The 323 Charitable Fund
4kids2C Fund


Adler Legacy Fund Honoring Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D.
AIP Fund
Alene McDermott Scholarship Fund
Alice Lawson AAUW Scholarship Fund
Alice M. Thomas Scholarship
Allegretto Family Charitable Fund
American Cancer Society Fund
AMMA Charitable Fund
Amy & Patrick Conrad Family Fund 
Amy’s Purple Warriors 
Ann S. & Steven B. Hutton Fund
The Arc of Chester County Fund
Arts Holding Hands and Hearts Fund
Association for the Colonial Theater


Barney Harahan Memorial Fund
Barrie Stavis Foundation
Baxter Family Foundation
Baylus & Deborah Francis Fund
Beccaria Charitable Fund
Benjamin Franklin Trust
Believe, Play & Have Fun Foundation
Bethel Baptist Debbie Coppedge Memorial Fund
Bishop Shanahan High School Fund
BKB Legacy Fund
Bournelyf Special Camp Fund
Boy Scouts of America, Chester County Council Fund
Brandywine Conservancy Lincoln Building Easement Fund
Brandywine Red Clay Alliance
Brandywine Valley SPCA
Brianne Carter Memorial Fund
Brian Kadunc Memorial Scholarship
Brian C. Zwaan Legacy Fund
Brother Moon and Sister Sun Fund (Brenneman Family)
Bruce E. Hepke Memorial Scholarship
Bugel Family Fund


C & A Charitable Fund
Camphill Foundation
Canine Partners for Life Fund
Capacity for Change Fund
Carl & Sylvia Landis Foundation
Carl O. Benner Scholarship Fund
Carl Schnellenbach Wrestling Scholarship Fund
Carlson Cultural Trust
Carol Spaner Rahill Foundation
Caroline Gallagher Cranston Memorial Fund
Caroline Manning Bolton Legacy Fund
Champlain Social Ministry Fund
Charles A. Melton Scholarship
Charles R. White Scholarship Fund
Charles W. Dickinson Charitable Foundation
Chase Your Dream
Chester County Art Association Fund
Chester County Christian Chorale
Chester County Color Run 5K
Chester County Community Foundation Gettysburg Address Fund
Chester County Community Foundation Grantmaking Fund
Chester County Community Foundation Grantmaking Fund for Chester County Social Justice
Chester County Community Foundation Jordan Award Fund
Chester County Community Foundation Imprints Grantmaking Endowment
Chester County Estate Planning Council Scholarship Fund
Chester County Fund for Teacher Support, in Memory of Taylor Patterson Crane
Chester County Futures Fund
Chester County Library Fund
Chester County Partnership to End Homelessness
Chester County Veterans Affairs Fund
Citizen Advocacy
Clay-Mir Charitable Foundation
Clinic Fund
Coach Millard Robinson Memorial Fund
Coatesville Area Education Foundation
Coatesville Community Health Fund
Community Coalition Fund
Constance and D. Michael Briglia Memorial Foundation
Cooks Who Care Fund
COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund
Craig Lincoln Tucker Memorial
Cultural Alliance of Chester County


Daemion Counseling Center
Daley Family Foundation
Dana Marie Carr Memorial Scholarship
David L. & Janet L. Hughes Family Charitable Foundation
DeBaptiste Foundation
DeHaven Family Charitable Fund
Delno & Dennis Large Memorial Fund
Di & Dallas Krapf Foundation
Dianne & Dave Elderkin Charitable Fund
Dick & Jane Kunsch Family Foundation
Diederich Family Fund
Doe Run Charitable Fund
Domestic Violence Center of Chester County
Don Gregory Stout Memorial Fund
Donna & Thomas Urian Charitable Fund
Dr. Alan G. Elko Legacy Scholarship Fund
Dr. Charles A. Thomas and Mrs. Alice C. Thomas Scholarship Fund
Dr. Gerald E. Clark Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Dr. John H. Hewlett, III Scholarship Foundation
Dr. John H. Hewlett, III Scholarship Fund for BSU Students
Dr. Timothy V. Blair & Sally M. Coveleskie Legacy Fund
Dr. W.T.M. Johnson Scholarship Fund
Drew McWilliams, Jr. Scholarship Fund


Easttown Library Foundation Endowment Fund
East End Neighborhood Association Scholarship Fund
Ed & Dorothy Dickol Foundation
Edward & Linda McAssey Family Charitable Fund
Eleanor & James Latta Jr. Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth G. Dorsett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth T. Bove Foundation
Emma E. Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emily & George Purnell Scholarship Fund
Emily’s Dash Foundation
Eric Miller Memorial Charitable Fund
Eugene J. & Mary DiFilippo Scholarship Fund
Everett Frank Legacy Fund


Family Service of Chester County
Farnesi Family Foundation
Featherman Family Foundation
Francis J. Snyder Fund
Frees Family Fund
French & Pickering Conservation Legacy Fund
Friends of America250 PA Chester County Charitable Fund
Friends of Anson B. Nixon Park Fund
Front Porch Trust Scholarship Fund


Gay Street School Alumni Club Scholarship Fund
Good Fight Foundation
Good Works Fund
Gordon B. Hattersley, Jr. Endowment fund for CVIM
Greater West Chester Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Green Valley Watershed Association Endowment Fund
Gudmundson Charitable Fund


Habitat for Humanity of Chester County Fund
Hadley Fund
Hailey Bear Memorial Fund
Halliday Clark, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Happy Romar Fund
Harold W. & Jesse L. Freeman Fund
Harold & Carol Wingerd Charitable Fund 
Harry Dunn Art Scholarship Fund
Helen & Paul Breitegam Fund
Hennigan Family Fund 
Henry’s Helping Paws of Chester County Fund
Dr. Henry & Betty Sineath Charitable Fund
Hess Testamentary Fund
Hickman Fund
Hockman Family Foundation
Hollenbach Family Foundation
Home of the Sparrow Fund
Hubler Family Charitable Foundation
Hutton Family HeLP Fund



Jack C. Griest Charitable Fund 
James M. & Lois B. Herr Family Foundation
Jamie Sauer Charitable Fund
Jamison Family Fund 
JaxStrong Foundation Fund
Jean & Aaron Martin Fund
Jeffrey S. Gaunt Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey A. Wheet Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey Robert Drobish Fund
Jeff Elko Memorial Fund
Jenner’s Pond Residents’ Council Fund
Jeremy P Wilson Foundation
Jim Decker Compassion Ministry Fund
J.M. Blair Trust
John & Heather Harrison Family Fund
John & Mary DiCecco Scholarship Fund
John Eirkson & Kathy Ryan Esq, Charitable Legacy Fund
John H. Phillips Fund for Horseshoe Scout Reservation
John Rock Memorial Fund
John Hay Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jonas C., Marian D., and Robert H. Erb Charitable Fund
Jordan Family Fund for Chester County
Joseph J. D’Amico, Sr. Memorial Fund
The Joseph T. Batten Legacy Fund
Josh Maxwell Runs NY Fund
Josiah H. Hibberd Memorial Teaching Scholarship Fund
Julius “Bud” & Dorothy Elberfeld Foundation


K & M Fund
Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Eta Chapter
Karen and Robert Rigg
Karen L. Mapes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kathleen McBratnie Memorial Foundation
Kathryn J. & Larry C. Smedley Charitable Fund 
Kathy Clark Flamm Scholarship
Kelly Ann Foundation
Kelly Family Foundation
Kenneth R. Swimm Family Charitable Fund
Kennett Area Senior Center Fund
Kennett Education Foundation
Kennett Symphony of Chester County Endowment Fund
Kennedy Marie Canzoneri Memorial Fund
Kerr Memorial Park Fund
Kessler Family Charitable Foundation
Kevin & Priscilla Holleran Fund
Kim L. Ringler and Thomas A. Wurm Family Foundation
Kim L. Ringler and Thomas A. Wurm Family Scholarship Fund
Kiwanis Club of Phoenixville Fund
Koester Family Foundation
Krapf Family Foundation
Kricun Charitable Fund


L. William Kay II Charitable Fund
Lacy Charitable Fund
La Foundation
Lamberth Family Foundation
Latoff Charitable Foundation
Laudenslager Family Foundation 
Lauren’s Heart Scholarship Foundation
Lawrence & Barbara Living Legacy Fund 
L.E.G. Up Foundation
Leon Bell Scholarship Fund
Liddick Family Fund
LJS Memorial Legacy Fund
Lockwood Fund 
Loew Family Foundation
Long Term Recovery Committee of Chester County
Longwood Rotary: Scott Thompson Special Assistance Scholarship
Lions Club of Kennett Square
Lucinda P. Wallace Memorial Fund
Lundale Farm Endowment Fund


M & M Fund
MacElree Harvey, Ltd. Technology Fund
Madalene Hayes Conner Scholarship Fund
Manor Avenue Foundation
Margaret S. DeVinney Foundation
Margaret E. Coppedge Memorial Fund to Benefit Grimes AME Church
Maria Whitehead Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marjorie L. & Arthur P. Miller, Jr. Fund
Martha B. Wollerton
Master Legacy Fund 
Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County Fund
Matthew 18:20 Fund 
Matthew 25:35 Fund
Mayor Clifford E. DeBaptiste Scholarship Fund
McHale & McNair Family Fund 
McGowan Family Charitable Fund 
Melrath Family Charitable Fund
Mesothelioma and Asbestos Society Fund
Michael & Nancy Pia Foundation
Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust Fund
Moretzsohn Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Moran, Jr. Family Foundation
Mullestein Family Scholarship Fund


Nancy Petersen Grantmaking Fund for Chester County
Natalie A. W. Leaf Charitable Trust
Neil Joines Fund of CCCF
New Beginnings Attainable Housing Fund
Newlin Foundation
Next Step Fund
Nicholas MacElree Memorial Fund
Nick Smiles on the Fine Arts Foundation
Nick’s Picks Fund
Niggeman Family Foundation
Niles-Milner Fund for Student Travel
Noel and Bob Stanek Foundation
North Star of Chester County Endowment Fund


Owen D. Owens Ecological Justice Legacy Fund
Oxford Education Foundation


Parkesburg Environmental Fund
Parkesburg Free Library Fund
Patricia Alleva DeHaven Scholarship Fund
Patricia B. Dixon Scholarship
Patricia C. and John Celii, Jr. Medical Research Fund
Paul S. & Caroline E. Beideman Family Foundation
Paul Hassenplug Scholarship of the Central Chester County Rotary Fund
Pay It Forward Fund
PFF Fund
Phoenixville Community Education Foundation Fund
Phoenixville Public Library Fund
Pickle Foundation
Pink House Fund
Planned Parenthood of Chester County Endowment Fund
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Fund
Primitive Hall Fund
Priority One Fund


Quaker City Farmers Scholarship Fund
Quigley Family Fund


Reading Family Foundation
RE Max Main Line Charitable Foundation
Richard & Carolyn Vermeil Foundation
Richard & Lois Hodgson Fund
RJ Hogga Foundation for Cancer Research
Robert & Doris Hanna Scholarship Fund
Robert & Jennifer McNeil Fund
Roberson/Rowley Foundation
Rotary Club of Coatesville Educational Fund
Ruch Family Foundation Scholarship Fund


Safe Harbor of Chester County Endowment Fund
Samantha Lee Zajac Memorial Fund

Sandra S. and Robert K. Momyer Endowment for Arts, Culture, and History in Chester County and Animal Conservation
Sarnacki Family Foundation
Schmidt Family Fund
Schramm Foundation
Scott Elliott Memorial Scholarship
Solomon Hunter Jr. Legacy Fund
Somerling Fund
Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce Fund
Spot Castle Foundation Fund
Spurlino Family Foundation
St. Ann Rose Fund
Stanley’s Dream
Stephan P. Hagelauer Memorial Scholarship
Stephen P. Calabro Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation
Stephen W. Tuttle Memorial Fund
Strode Family Charitable Fund
Stroud Fund for Water Research
Susan Groome Harney Memorial Fund
Sweet Jane’s Wish Foundation


T&B Moran Family Fund
Ted Gacomis Scholarship for Civil Engineering
Teresa V. Garofalo VMD Memorial Scholarship
Terry Muzzy Foundation
Teti Family Foundation
The Fund for Women and Girls
Thomas K Hess Charitable Fund
Thorncroft, Therapeutic Horseback Riding Fund
Thorndale Rotary Jay Edge Community Service Scholarship
Thoroughbred Education and Research Foundation
Together We Can: West Chester Community Meal Fund
Tom & Debbie Anderson Foundation
Trajabay Charitable Fund
Tres Foundation


United Way of Chester County Endowment Fund
United Way of Southern Chester County Endowment Fund
Up On The Roof- West Chester Downtown Foundation


Valerie Lamb Smith Art Fund
Vasilios J. Kalogredis & Stephanie Pahides Kalogredis Foundation
Vaughan Family Foundation
Verna Cuff Charitable Fund
Vicky L. Tribbitt Charitable Fund
Volunteer English Program


W. Marshall Schmidt Fund for Children’s Country Week
W. Thomas Musser Memorial Charitable Fund
Walkup Family Fund
West Chester Adapted Fitness and Wellness Fund
West Chester Downtown Foundation
West Chester Friends School
West Chester Juneteenth Fund
West Chester Optimist Scholarship Fund
West Chester Trust and Relief Fund
West Chester Union Court Rental Gap Fund
West Chester University Library Fund
West Chester Vietnam Memorial Scholarship Fund
West Goshen Lions Club Fund
Westtown-Goshen Rotary Fund
Wharton Esherick Museum Community Art Education Fund
Wharton Esherick Studio Preservation Fund
WhirlAway Travel Foundation
Whitford Charitable Fund
Willemsen’s Nickle Family Fund
William & Anne Evans Jr. Endowment Fund
William &  Honorable Eleanor Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
William & Melissa Hostetter Family Fund
Willistown Conservation Trust Endowment Fund
Woman’s Club of Downingtown Fun



YMCA of Greater Brandywine Valley Fund
YMCA Kennett Area Educational Assistance
YWCA Chester County Scholarship Fund


Zelinda LeBoutillier Charitable Foundation