Ways Clients Can Give

Those who advise clients on wealth management and estate planning can partner with the Chester County Community Foundation in several ways. We serve as a “back office” of philanthropic consultants, providing counsel on tax-saving strategies, trusts and other estate planning tools. By partnering with us, your clients can create perpetual support for effective nonprofits in several ways, including:

Create a Fund

Creating a charitable fund offers clients a mechanism to make their charitable giving cost-effective, efficient and permanent.

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Estate Planning

For those who are thinking about ways to save on estate taxes while making a difference for the region, we offer many options.

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Contribute to an Existing Fund

If your client wants to support a particular cause, a contribution to one of our existing funds is a fast way to have a long-term impact.

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Private Foundation Alternatives

We offer alternatives to private foundations that are less complicated, less costly – and that offer many additional advantages.

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How can philanthropy be passed down to future generations?