Apply For Scholarships

School guidance counselors, financial aid officers, and/or school specific scholarship committees are our principal contacts for these awards. You can find application information specific to each scholarship on that certain charitable fund’s page. However, most applications require that students apply through their school’s guidance counselors or financial aid officers.

Students seeking scholarships awarded by a charitable fund at the Chester County Community Foundation should speak to the guidance counselors or financial aid officers at their respective school. Scholarship award information is generally available at the relevant schools by March of a given year.

Additional information regarding scholarships can be found at the following websites:, Collegegrants.orgDoctoral Program Resources for Minority StudentsFastWeb.comFinancial Aid 4 Minority Students,, Open Education Database, and

Available Scholarships

Alice Lawson

Alice M. Thomas

Angel Scholarship – Kennett Education Foundation

Brett Mickens Scholarship Fund

Brianne Carter Memorial Fund

Brian Kadunc Memorial Scholarship

Carl O. Benner Scholarship

Carl Schnellenbach Wrestling Scholarship

Caroline Gallagher Cranston Memorial Fund

CCEPC’s Marc P. Riddell Memorial Scholarship

Constance and Michael Briglia Memorial Foundation

Dennis C. Lausier Schlarship Fund

Dr. Alan G. Elko Legacy Scholarship Fund

Dr. Elaine Kikland Scholarship Fund

Emily & George Purnell Scholarship Fund

Dr. John H. Hewlett, III
Scholarship Fund for BSU Students

East End Neighborhood Association Scholarship Fund

Eleanor & James Latta Jr. Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth G. Dorsett Memorial Scholarship Fund

Eugene J. and Mary DiFillippo Scholarship Fund

Front Porch Trust

Jeremy P. Wilson Foundation

Josiah H. Hibberd Memorial Scholarship

Julius Bud & Dorothy Elberfeld Foundation

Kappa PSI Pharmaceutical Fraternity ETA Chapter,
Legacy Scholarship Fund

Karen L. Mapes Memorial Scholarship Fund

Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kennett Education Foundation Scholarship

Koreem Bell Scholarship Fund

Laura Meikle Koch Memorial Legacy Foundation

Lauren’s Heart Scholarship Foundation

Leon Bell Scholarship Fund

Longwood Rotary Club

Scott Thompson Special Assistance Scholarship

Maria Whitehead Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael G. Maybroda Memorial Fund

Natalie A. W. Leaf Scholarship Fund

Newlin Foundation Scholarship

Nicholas R. MacElree Scholarship Fund

Paul Hassenplug Scholarship of the Central Chester

Peoples First Scholarship Fund

Quaker State Funeral Directors Association
Charitable Legacy Fund

Richard and Lois Hodgson Fund

Schramm Foundation

Stanley’s DREAM

Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation

Susan DeCecco Scholarship Fund

Susan Romano O’Brien Science Scholarship Foundation

Sweet Jane’s Wish Foundation

Terry Muzzy Foundation

The Charles R. White Scholarship Fund

The Coach Millard Robinson Memorial Fund

The County Rotary Club Fund

The Dana Marie Carr Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Janet P. Shaner Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dr. John H. Hewlett, III Scholarship Foundation

The George W. Martyn, Jr. Scholarship Fund

The Halliday Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Harry Dunn Art Scholarship Fund

The Jeffrey A. Wheet Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jeffrey S. Gaunt Scholarship Fund

The John and Mary DiCecco Scholarship Fund

The Joseph J. D’Amico, Sr Memorial Fund

The Lucinda P. Wallace Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Madalene Hayes Conner Scholarship Fund

The Mayor Clifford E. DeBaptiste Scholarship Foundation

The Patricia B. Dixon Scholarship Fund

The Robert and Doris Hanna Scholarship Fund

The Rotary Club of Coatesville Educational Fund

The Ruch Family Foundation

The Teresa V. Garofalo VMD Scholarship Fund

The Westtown-Goshen Rotary Scholarship Foundation

Thorndale Rotary Jay Edge
Community Service Scholarship Fund

Vicky Ahlum Memorial Scholarship Fund

W. Thomas Musser Memorial Charitable Fund

West Chester Optimist Scholarship Fund

William M. Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

William’s Wish Fund

YWCA Chester County Fund