Adler Legacy Fund Honoring Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D.

Madeleine Wing Adler, Ph.D. & Eva Verplanck, Ph.D.


The sole purpose of this fund is to support the non-profit operating, program, and capital needs of the Chester County Community Foundation, with a particular focus on philanthropic leadership programs and services provided by the Foundation.

Madeleine Wing Adler, Ph.D. served as President of West Chester University from 1992-2008. Upon announcing her June 2008 retirement from West Chester University, Adler decided to create an endowed legacy fund to benefit Chester County philanthropic leadership initiatives for perpetuity, specifically by establishing a fund to make annual grant payments to support the Community Foundation’s philanthropy programs and services.  She chose to name this fund in honor of Eva Verplanck, who serves as an inspiration to so many.

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