The Chester County Community Foundation is committed to prudent investment strategies and fiscal policies which the Foundation believes will lead to the long-term growth of endowment fund principal and meet spending policy objectives. The Community Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance the value of the portfolio’s assets by providing long-term growth greater than the rate of inflation and fee costs, while recognizing that prudent risks must be taken.

Endowed funds are pooled assets that receive a monthly posting of the investment returns allocated on a pro rata basis based. Professional investment managers meet with the Investment Committee at least quarterly to review the investment portfolio and assess investment performance.

Chief Investment Officer Firm – Aggregate Invested Assets: Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.

As the Community Foundation’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Hirtle Callaghan works with us to develop a formal Investment Policy designed to best meet the long-term objectives. The Investment Policy is formulated on a long-term, broadly diversified strategic asset allocation plan with asset class targets and operating ranges.

Medallion Investment Partners – Separately Managed Invested Assets
Our Medallion Investment program gives you the opportunity to establish a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation, while having a qualified advisor of your choosing continue to manage the asset and receive investment management fees.

Medallion status is awarded to investment advisors/firms which pass an annual due diligence review undertaken by the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee. Medallion funds are separately managed, non-aggregated funds that receive their own investment return. The Community Foundation may charge a modest additional annual fee to the charitable fund for this service.

The minimum amount to start a donor advised fund in the Medallion program is $250,000 with the intent to grow to at least $1 million. The minimum for non-medallion investment partner program funds is $25,000.



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Planned Gift Pledge & Investment Partner

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