Fund Fees & Policies

There are two fees allocated to invested-endowed and quasi-endowed funds:

  1. Management Fee/Support to the Community Foundation

    • The Community Foundation charges a flat percentage management fee for the administrative services that are provided to the fund. This fee also supports the Community Foundation’s overall charitable mission to inspire and grow legacy philanthropy.
    • The Community Foundation’s typical annual fee is 1% of the accumulated value in an endowed account, calculated monthly at .08333 of 1% or 8.333 basis points.

  2. Investment Fee

    • Investment managers charge a fee for their investment management services. These fees are charged to each fund monthly.
    • These fees are at 65 basis points annually or .65 of 1% over the past year.
    • Investment fees can fluctuate depending upon the type of asset classes in which the overall Community Foundation is invested.
    • The Investment Committee of the Board works closely with our Investment Managers to assure that the fees charged are appropriate for the investment portfolio’s performance, size, and level of activity.
    • Annual investment returns and asset allocation are included in the Community Foundation’s annual report and discussed at our Winter Investment Forum luncheon. View the latest annual report link and find our scheduled events on our Calendar.

To receive a copy of the Foundation’s audited annual financials and/or gift acceptance policies, contact Bob Ferguson, Executive Vice President of Business Affairs, at or (610) 696-8211.

Download a sample fund agreement with fee schedule.

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