Give Clients Added Value

Help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals

Your clients rely on you for the best charitable giving options. Rely on us for professional help in meeting those needs. Our expertise ensures every gift your client makes is the right gift at the right financial time. We respect and work within the relationship you have with your clients, meaning your relationships will be strengthened as your clients appreciate how you help them achieve their giving goals, with real tax advantages.

Do you have clients who want to:

  • Donate to a specific cause? We know the most effective nonprofits.
  • Give regularly to one or more causes? We make it easy to support multiple charities locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Create a personal or family legacy? Our funds perpetually support your client’s causes and memorialize an individual’s or family’s name.
  • Create or terminate a private foundation? We offer low-cost simple alternatives that still allow giving in a foundation’s name. CONVERT PRIVATE FOUNDATION TO DONOR ADVISED FUND
  • Have philanthropic impact? Our steady investment growth, careful management, low overhead and economies of scale ensure more of your client’s dollars have a direct impact.
  • Receive maximum tax benefits? We provide the maximum allowable deduction through a wide range of giving options, including CGAs and CRUTs.
  • CCCF Fund vs. Private Foundation vs. Commercial Donor Advised Fund? CONSIDER THE OPTIONS

How We Can Help You Meet Client Needs

We can help you meet your client’s charitable and financial goals by providing the skills and local knowledge you need.

Some Scenarios and Solutions

Taxes I need to sell appreciated property right away, but I’m concerned about capital gains taxes. How can I eliminate or reduce my taxes? Giving all or part of the asset to charity eliminates or reduces capital gains taxes, creates an income tax deduction, could provide lifelong income, and will support a favorite charity.
Leaving a legacy I have no children, and it’s time to write a will. You can suggest a charitable fund at the Community Foundation as a way to support the causes they care about, in perpetuity.
Private Foundation I’m thinking of starting a private foundation.  What are the pros and cons? The Community Foundation offers a couple of simpler alternatives to private foundations. See our chart comparing donor-advised funds to private foundations.
Retirement plan assets I have a large retirement fund, but I’m worried that my children will receive only 20 or 30 cents on the dollar. Using a retirement plan to create an endowment will reduce estate tax, eliminate income tax on the IRA distribution and create a family legacy.
Helping a specific individual I have a sibling, friend, parent or other family member I’d like to help. A life-income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity, will assure them a lifetime income—and allow your client a tax deduction and support for a favorite charity at that person’s death.
Wants to be charitable but unsure where to give I’ll be receiving additional income this year.  I’d like to give some to charity, but I’m not sure which one. donor-advised fund will lock in a tax deduction for the current year and allow time to choose the charity. We can help your client find the right cause or work with us supporting local needs.