BKB Legacy Fund


The purpose of the BKB Legacy Fund shall be to make grant distributions for charitable purposes to nonprofit organizations and other charitable causes as recommended by the Fund Advisor – Bronwyn L. Martin, Ph.D., MBA, ChFC®, CLU®, CRPC®, CLTC®, CFS®, CMFC®, LACP, AEP® – and approved by the Board of the Community Foundation.


Bronwyn Martin is CEO and Financial Advisor with Martin’s Financial Consulting Group, an advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services. She has offices in Kennett Square, PA and Havre de Grace, MD.

Bronwyn is passionate about the power of positive thinking. She embraces challenges, persists despite obstacles, learns from criticism, and is inspired by the success of others. “What gets me out of bed every morning is helping people be financially successful, independent and self-reliant. Having a plan is crucial.”

Bronwyn’s parents always coached her to pursue her best. “My dad was my mentor and role model. He started his own business and taught me that to be successful, surrounding yourself with other leaders is key,” Bronwyn said. “It is okay to stumble and fall – this is a way of learning.” But the path to her success has not been easy.

Bronwyn admits, “There are a lot of hurdles, personally and professionally. It is about making the tough decisions. Stay focused. Achieve the goal.” Her motivating quote is: “Successful people get things done. Others make excuses.” Bronwyn’s staying the course and being focused got her her doctorate in biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine, followed by appointments at Harvard Medical School and National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, MD, and an MBA.

By 1998, Dr. Martin was yearning for a change. She earned her MBA at West Chester University, and made a career transition to the financial services industry, where only around 15% of the professionals are women. “I’m learning all the time by going to conferences each year, learning new ideas from others who are successful and keeping up on issues and new tax laws that impact financial planning. Sometimes walking into a meeting or conference with other financial advisors, I’m the only woman.” But she reminds herself, “I have the right to be here; I am just as smart as all the men I’m surrounded by. In 2005, I decided to run my own business, rather than be an employee. It was a really tough decision; but the right one for me.”  

Bronwyn has always combined business achievement with community service and as such has served in many local, regional, and national leadership positions. “My charitable passion runs deep for the Alzheimer’s Association. My favorite aunt had Alzheimer’s when she died. My doctoral dissertation focused on the beta amyloid protein, which is a hallmark protein involved in the progression of pathology in the brain of those with Alzheimer’s disease. When the opportunity arrived to serve on the Alzheimer’s Association Board, I jumped at the chance. It’s a long-standing personal commitment. I focus on raising money to end this disease.”


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