Cooks Who Care

Cooks Who Care Co-Founders, Maria & Scott Campbell


Cooks Who Care is committed to restaurant community well-being. Upon discovering that mental health costs are not typically covered under health insurance, Cooks Who Care co-founders Maria and Scott Campbell jumped in to activate solutions through the power of community.

Donations to Cooks Who Care are used to connect workers in the Food & Beverage industry with mental health resources needed to thrive. Mental Health is the #1 hidden problem plaguing the Food and Beverage industry, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.









What’s Inside this Book?

In this first-of-its-kind cookbook, you’ll find recipes and home entertaining ideas for cooks of all skill levels and learning styles. It’s packed with seasonally inspired ideas that are sure to bring people together. Everything from no-fuss classics to chefs’ creations. There’s nothing more wonderful than gathering with your closest family and friends for an at-home get-together and creating delicious dishes and drinks for your loved ones. Get to know a community of 28+ amazing Philly food professionals filmed in 4 stunning locations around Philly; Hillside Farm, FarmerJawn Agriculture, Laurel Restaurant, and Pistolas del Sur. Assist with access to mental health services with recipes inspired by our community found in 80 gorgeous pages designed by Tim Hill.















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