Chester County Little Lincolns Fund

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The purpose of this event is to encourage youth, their families, and friends to become more involved
in the community around them and more deeply appreciate local history and the key events that
have shaped our nation.

Gettysburg Address Contest 2013…

Sponsored by the Borough of West Chester Historical and Architectural Review Board, seven middle school students recited President Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. They recited the speech inside the historic Lincoln Biography Building due to the rain. Event founder and Master of Ceremonies, Bob Gross, commented
all of the students presented the speech so well, not one needed prompting for the next word.”
State Sen. Andrew Dinniman’s staff presented certificates to each participant.

Joe Martino, event organizer, noted “each student delivered the speech with little or no mistakes,
their costumes were top notch and 1st and 2nd place were decided by just one point.”

Winners included:
~ First Place: Hope Marshall (Fugett Middle School)
~ Second Place: Maddie Russell (Fugett Middle School)
~ Third Place: Meena Al-Tikriti (Fugett Middle School)
~ Participation: Sravya Basvapatri (Fugett Middle School), Kayla Siedlecki (Fugett Middle School),
Daniel Redmond (Saint Agnes School), and Elena Kufta (Saints Peter and Paul School)

~ Best Costume: Sravya Basvapatri (Fugett Middle School)

Dr. John Noakes, Associate Provost for faculty advancement and student learning at Arcadia University;
Kate Shaw, Executive Director of Research for Action and Carol Clark, Chester County Community Foundation Board Member

The Borough of West Chester
Historical and Architectural Review Board
thanks our Sponsors
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