Niggeman Family Foundation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support medical research and increase public awareness of Turner Syndrome…
1) To promote early detection
2) To recognize and foster healthy management of symptoms, and;
3) To Increase quality of life

About the Foundation

The Niggeman Foundation for Turner Syndrome was established in 2004 to support non-profit medical research and charitable activities, with a primary emphasis on Turner Syndrome and related disorders.

The Foundation can provide:
1) Funds to support ongoing research of the causes and impact of Turner Syndrome.
2) Money for innovative new research.
3) Financial support for programs to educate medical professionals, adults and children regarding Turner Syndrome.
4) Grants for charitable activities for the children and families impacted by Turner Syndrome.

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The Niggeman Foundation (formerly known as Chain of Love Foundation) was created by Stephen and Kimberly Niggeman (parents of a daughter with Turner Syndrome) to support nonprofit medical research and charitable activities dealing with Turner Syndrome and related medical disorders.

Since their daughter was first diagnosed, the Niggemans have worked to increase awareness of Turner Syndrome and to create a network of families and patients impacted by this medical condition.  Kim voices her determination to advocate on behalf of those affected by this disorder and Steve concurs.  “It is a logical next step for us to establish the Turner Syndrome Foundation with the hopes of finding the medical means to mitigate the impact of this tragic disease.”

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