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About The Foundation

This foundation was established in loving memory of Terry Muzzy in September 2007. The Terry Muzzy Foundation supports parent support groups, high school leadership programs, scholarships and other educational initiatives.

About Terry…

Terry Muzzy, the Student Assistant Specialist for the Downingtown School District, was killed tragically in an automobile accident early in 2006. During his 16-year tenure, Terry–who was affectionately known as “Muz”–counseled students through a variety of personal crises, saving lives in the process.

Terry’s tireless efforts influenced countless teens and families sparing them the devastation of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other life endangering events. Through his kid-first mentality and immutable character, Terry made sure that each student received the help they needed when they needed it.

Combining his compassionate and insightful nature with his delightfully idiosyncratic sense of humor, Terry made more colorful the lives of everyone he touched. His limitless energy supply made his person and his message ubiquitous throughout the Chester County area.

Terry Muzzy Foundation Sponsored Programs…

Muzzy Parent Network

Each school year, a series of workshops are run at the East Brandywine Township building that address teen issues relevant to parents. Past topics have included: establishing healthy parent/teen communication, setting boundaries, understanding teen addiction issues, exploring adolescent mental health, coping with the mismanagement of teen emotions, discussing the impact of teen communication issues involving cell phones, texting, and Internet use. Shared parent comments include:

“I wish I had these workshops years ago.”
“It’s great to relate to other peers.”
“Knowing that there are many people in this area that are experiencing the same problems as my family.”
“The spontaneous ability for parents to ask questions they wouldn’t ask anywhere else. That’s unique!”

At A Loss…

A support group for parents who have lost a child to addiction. The most tragic event of losing a child to substance abuse is often preceded by much anguish and turmoil as parents attempt to help their child. This professionally facilitated group offers information about the grief process and address the unique issues related to substance abuse. The purpose of this six week group is to provide a place for parents to offer each other each other guidance, hope, understanding and healing.
Funding for this group was made possible by donations in
remembrance of James Walker.

LINK: Leaders Involved in Networking Kids…

This unique teen leadership program was established by Terry Muzzy in the early 1990’s. The mission of the LINK program is to bring together different social groups within the high school community in order to lay a common foundation for harmony and acceptance between all students. As the founder of LINK, Terry helped to start the LINK program at Unionville High School and from there LINK has spread to several other school districts within the southeastern Pennsylvania area. This program gave Terry a great deal of pride and joy as he witnessed the walls and barriers disappear as students merged to become stronger leaders and advocates for acceptance, no matter a person’s peer group.

Student Book Scholarships

The Terry Muzzy Foundation has offered $1,000 book scholarships for post secondary educational programs to students in both the Downingtown and Chicago inner-city schools book scholarships for graduates demonstrating either great leadership potential or the ability to overcome adversity in life.

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