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Mission Statement

The primary purpose of this fund shall be to support the non-profit operating, program, and capital needs of the Upattinas School and Resource Center.

About the School…

Upattinas Open Community School and Educational Resource Center was founded in 1971 by a group of parents and educators who wanted to be involved in the creation of a holistic, experiential learning setting for children. The parents agreed to become active resources for the teachers: finding space, creating play and instruction areas, searching for materials and books, and helping wherever needed In the interest of finances, they also agreed to help keep the school clean and physically maintained. Thus Upattinas became a parent cooperative organization.

Upattinas has evolved over the years and is now a school managed by a partnership of students, staff and interested parents. The principles of cooperation and participant control are still in practice. Licensed by the state as a private academic school, the Resource Center includes full and part time programs as well as home education services for students from kindergarten through graduation.

Upattinas Open Community Corporation is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School, authorized by the Department of Immigration to grant I-20 status to non-immigrant students from other countries, and is accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools.

Upattinas is non-discriminatory as to race or other individual difference. The school and resource center does not provide support for students who identify themselves as “neo-Nazi” in philosophy or behavior.

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