WhirlAway Travel Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the WhirlAway Travel Fund is to enable young people to travel. The benefits of travel for individuals and our society as a whole are countless which is why our foundation is passionate about making it possible for young people to experience the world outside of their local community.

Traveling exposes you to different people, cultures, landscapes, wildlife and ideas. This gives you a broader perspective on the world and helps you see that, while our lives may look quite different, our global humanity is shared. Travel gives you a deeper understanding of history that you can’t get from a book or a lecture. Foreign landscapes and wildlife encounters inspire awe and wonder which can spark previously unknown interests and ignite lifelong passions. Interacting with different cultures can challenge our beliefs and values, causing us to reflect, confirm, or perhaps even reconsider. Travel experiences can increase appreciation for your own life situation and cultivate greater compassion for others. At the most basic level, travel gives you a deeper understanding of the world.

When young people travel, they develop skills that help them throughout their lives. Overcoming challenges while traveling helps them grow independence and confidence. They develop problem-solving skills that prepare them for life’s obstacles, which contribute to both personal and professional success in life. Cultural awareness, acceptance and adaptability are also developed by traveling. And when young people travel they make connections to different people and cultures which are more important than ever in our increasingly globalized world.

For all of these reasons and more, The WhirlAway Travel Foundation is passionate about making travel experiences possible for young people who are interested in the world beyond their local community. Most often these experiences and the subsequent advantages are limited to young people whose families have the means to pay for them. Studies show that travel has a positive and lasting impact on young people for their future careers, political involvement and goal orientation. We are committed to making travel more accessible to young people in our community. We know that it will greatly benefit the individuals who travel, our community, and the world.


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WhirlAway Travel Foundation c/o CCCF
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