Marjorie L. & Arthur P. Miller, Jr. Fund

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Miller Fund is to protect and conserve open space and the environment in Chester County. An annual Miller Fund Challenge Grant is available to support a non-profit organization which provides creative solutions to open space preservation and the wise use of environmental resources.

The challenge portion of this grant can be met in different ways, such as in-kind donations, volunteer support, and/or receiving new grant dollars. A Miller Fund Grant can be used for the following: the creation of a park, trail, or recreation area; a public or school-based environmental education effort; research and publication about an important environmental issue; volunteer and leadership development; a demonstration project with wide-use application.

Grant Application Guidelines

Download a copy of the Marjorie L. and Arthur P. Miller Grant Guidelines by clicking here.

***2019: Marjorie L. & Arthur P. Miller Fund Story from CCCF 25th Anniversary Portraits of Philanthropy | Full Story ***

About the fund

 The Millers established their fund at the Community Foundation to award an annual grant in perpetuity which encourages communities and nonprofits to preserve and protect natural resources such as their streams, woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife areas.  The focus of the Fund’s grant is to provide nonprofits with the resources to complete a project that is specific, tangible in nature, and that provides “a measurable sense of accomplishment” for their efforts.  The Millers believe that seeing a project come to fruition substantiates an organization, its members and volunteers, their hard work, and provides evidence of tangible success.

About the Millers

The Millers are the authors of seven books on environmental and historic topics, and are active on many area non-profit boards and in local community groups. Marge served for many years on the Chester County Parks and Recreation Board, Chester County 2020, and Maysie’s Farm and currently serves on the boards of Green Valleys Watershed Association and the American Red Cross Retiree Association to name a few. Art has served on the board of the Delaware County Press Club and currently serves on the Lower Providence Township Library Board. They have been frequent lecturers at Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) programs, speaking on Trails Across America and the national scenic and historic trails. Marge and Art have been active with the Main Line School Night Hiking Club, leading hikes throughout the Delaware Valley.

Marjorie L. & Arthur P. Miller Fund for Open Space & the Environment

Donor Advised Fund of Chester County Community Foundation

 Established October 1995


2000: Camphill Village-Kimberton Hills

Cleared pollution & debris from overgrown tributary of French Creek & planted native vegetation to establish free-flowing stream ($2,500)


2001: Green Valleys Association

Signage & educational brochure for new Interpretive Trail at Welkinweir ($2,500)


2002: Maysie’s Farm Conservation Center

SAITA (Sustainable Agriculture Intern Training Alliance) – hands-on educational program for interns at eight farms to learn about organic farming and sustainable agriculture ($2,500) 


2003: Red Clay Valley Association

Red Clay Greenway– planting, seeding, and mulching of new Red Clay Greenway Trail along East Branch of Red Clay Creek in Kennett Square ($2,500)


2004: Chester County Community Gardens

New plantings & support for neighbors gardening together at Coatesville Habitat for Humanity site ($2,500)  


2005: Kennett Township Land Trust

Create wildlife sanctuary for school groups & general public use for scientific research, nature study, and scenic enjoyment ($2,500)


2006: Maysie’s Farm Conservation Center

Farm & School Partnership with Montgomery School – farm visits, introduce locally grown food into school menus, develop farm & school committee, and demonstration school garden ($2,500)


2007: Green Valleys Association

Educational materials (permanent display, power point and website presentations) for global climate change program at Welkinweir ($2,500) 


2008: Jenkins Arboretum

Support the construction of water recycling component of planned new Educational Facility ($2,000)


2008: Green Valleys Association

Support the second Chester County Solar Tour ($1,000)


2009: Community Gardens of Chester County

Exton Elementary School garden project – three raised-bed vegetable gardens, one raised to be accessible for those with physically disabilities and/or autism, includes planning, planting, hands-on gardening, harvesting ($2,500)


2010: Kennett Township Land Trust

            Environmental education programming at new Stateline Woods Nature Preserve for elementary school groups, teachers, decision making officials, and the general public ($2,500)


2011: Willistown Conservation Trust

Construct and equip a shelter for the Trust’s bird banding station and associated educational activities ($2,500)


2012: West Pikeland Land Trust

Public ¾ mile trail, nature loop, fishing access to Pickering Creek, trail signage, printed trail map, trail-head information kiosk, plant 200 trees along Pickering Creek as riparian restoration, develop environmental education program for children attending annual 5-week day camp at Pickering Grove ($2,500)


2013: Okehocking Nature Center

Trail marker posts and directional signage for self-guided, interpretive hiking and understanding of unique ecosystems within Okehocking Preserve ($2,500)


2014: Brandywine Conservancy

Design, construction, and installation of interpretive kiosks at two locations (West Bradford Township & South Coatesville) along existing trail entrances to the Brandywine Creek Greenway ($2,500)


2015: French & Pickering Creek Trust

Support development of new Thomas P. Bentley Nature Preserve with preservation of Warwick Furnace ruins, scenic loop trail with access to French Creek, and interpretive kiosk ($2,500)


2016: The Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County

Educational interpretive signage, tree identification signage, native plantings, and bicycle racks at the new 45-acre Chandler Mill Preserve and Interpretive Center ($2,500) 


2017: Chester County Open Lands Conservancy

Remove 1.75 acres of phragmites invasive grass and restore area by planting 750 native tree seedlings ($2,500)


2017: Brandywine Conservancy

Construction and installation of interpretive kiosk and canoe/kayak storage rack in Kerr Park in Downingtown ($1,000) 


2018: Green Valleys Watershed Association

Expand Schuylkill Water Steward program by 25 new trained volunteers to become “water quality ambassadors”, who commit to a minimum of 20 hours of outreach service, and increase awareness & action to protect watersheds ($2,500)


2018: Lundale Farm

Signage for Lundale Farm to increase farm visibility and effectively direct guests to appropriate parking, education, and recreation areas ($1,000)


2019: The Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust, Inc.

Create trail system through manmade wetlands on 22-acre National Historic Landmark site to represent the history and legacy of the Lenape Nation ($2,500)


2019: Open Land Conservancy

Supplemental treatment for phragmites removal from riparian preserve areas treated in 2017 Miller Fund grant ($540)


2020: Green Valleys Watershed Association

Grant in support of the anticipated Educational Building to enhance the summer camp nature program and environmental education ($10,000)


2020: Jenkins Arboretum and Gardens

Deer enclosure fencing as part of the development of the 25 acre Conservation Woodlands to fully utilize the total 48 acre property of Jenkins Arboretum ($3,000)


2021: Brandywine Conservancy

To facilitate the Oxford Region Volunteer Environmental Advisory Council in an integrated water management approach that collectively addresses drinking water, storm water, and agricultural runoff issues in the Chesapeake Bay watershed ($3,000)


2022: Jenkins Arboretum and Gardens

Restoration of Conservations Woods for future expansion by removal of invasive plants and purchase and planting of native trees and shrubs. Tools and materials include fence maintenance, pruning of trees, invasive species removal, and managing growth of regenerating vegetation and young trees  ($3,000)


2022: Marshallton Conservation Trust

Creation of a 16,000 square foot “Humphrey Marshall Memorial Garden” on owned property near the Humphrey Marshall House, by tree removal and site preparation, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of the famed horticulturist ($2,000)


2023: Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Provide resources to continue restoration efforts of Conservation Woods and efforts toward future expansion of the gardens. This is to include invasive plant removal, planting of native trees and shrubs, and providing tools and materials for general upkeep of the Conservation Woodlands ($2,000)


2023: Open Lands Conservancy of Chester County

Removal of approximately one acre of Phragmites australis invasive grass from Valley Creek Preserve using chemical and physical treatment, followed by restoration planting of native trees ($2,000)


($78,040 — Grant Total)



Mail a check made payable to:

Marjorie L. & Arthur P. Miller, Jr. Fund c/o CCCF
28 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382