IDEA Council
The IDEA Council helps the Community Foundation to authentically deepen its commitment to humanity, in all its diversity.
We know that varied perspectives and an inclusive culture inspire innovative, creative solutions.

Community Conversations
Join us on Zoom to watch TED Talks and engage in lively discussion.
Help envision a more equitable community where all can flourish, now and forever.

These groups have initiatives to advance and enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout Chester County. We convene regularly to update and share ideas. Know of an initiative we should add? Email bethk@chescocf.org.

This calendar is for social justice events and programs, focused on diversity, inclusion and equity, happening in and around Chester County. Know of an event we should add? Email bethk@chescocf.org.

For more upcoming events, visit:
Chester County History Center
NAACP West Chester, PA Branch
WCU Dowdy Multicultural Center
Voices Underground

Social Justice Fund
The Community Foundation stands for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. One way philanthropy can fight injustice is through grants and scholarships. Our Social Justice Fund helps nonprofits end discrimination and systemic racism.

Philanthropy’s Role in Social Justice
Philanthropists must advocate, create solutions with diverse leaders, fund organizations led by people of color, commit to social justice, and continue patterns of COVID-19 grantmaking.


Here is a list of consultants who have been referred to the Chester County Community Foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Consultants who specialize in arts and culture nonprofits are highlighted yellow.

To add or edit consultants to this list, please email Beth Krallis at bethk@chescocf.org.