Board Trainings & Roundtables

Zoom in Mondays at noon for our **free** monthly Board trainings and roundtables.
Past, present, and future committee and Board members are welcome to attend.


High-impact nonprofits depend on committee and Board members who understand their roles and how best to bring their skills to the table. We host a variety of nonprofit leadership and governance trainings on Zoom.
The sessions are led by experienced trainers.

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01.22.24 12-1pmBoards: Hi-Impact Boards with Robbe Healey HANDOUT RECORDING
02.26.24 12-1pmBoards: Strategic Planning & Env Scanning with Connie Carter
03.25.24 12-1pmBoards: Fundraising
04.22.24 12-1pmBoards: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Timmy Nelson & Rev. Dr. Richelle Foreman Gunter
05.20.24 12-1pmBoards: Donors & NP Financials with Nick Hoffman & Louise Schorn Smith
06.24.24 12-1pmBoards: Assessing Our Own Board & CEO/ED with Connie Carter & Sylvia Corrine


What’s up in your nonprofit committee and Board service? Roundtables provide the opportunity to talk through insights, issues, & problem solving with nonprofit peers. They are led by experienced Board governance facilitators: Connie Carter, CFRE; Corrine Sylvia, CFRE; Robbe Healey ACFRE

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02.12.24          Corrine Sylvia12-1pm
03.11.24          Robbe Healey12-1pm
04.08.24          Corrine Sylvia12-1pm
05.13.24          Robbe Healey12-1pm
06.10.24          Connie Carter12-1pm

01.23.23 12-1pmHi-Impact Boards
02.20.23 12-1pmStrategic Planning
03.20.23 12-1pmFundraising HANDOUT RECORDING
04.17.23 12-1pmDiversity, Equity & Inclusion
05.15.23 12-1pmDonors & NP Financials
06.05.23 12-1pmAssessing Board & CEO/ED HANDOUT RECORDING
10.23.23 12-1pmBoards: Org Life Cycles, Vol/Manage/Govern HANDOUT RECORDING
11.27.23 12-1pmAvoiding Legal Pitfalls HANDOUT RECORDING

11/15/21: Individual Donor Fundraising: Lean Into The Trends HANDOUT RECORDING

11/1/21: What Donors Look for in Your Nonprofit Financials HANDOUT RECORDING

10/18/21: Tech & Cyber Security HANDOUT RECORDING

10/04/21: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + the Board HANDOUT RECORDING

9/20/21: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls HANDOUT RECORDING

10/27/20: Strategy, Change, & Improved NPO Achievement HANDOUT RECORDING

10/20/20: Ask an Attorney: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls HANDOUT RECORDING

10/13/20: Financial Leadership in the Face of Impossible Choice HANDOUT RECORDING

Handout related to Financial Leadership – Scenario Budget Planning Example

Handout related to Financial Leadership – Scenario Budget Planning Example

Handout related to Financial Leadership – 5 scenario planning tool

10/06/20: Making Your Virtual Event Special HANDOUT RECORDING

9/29/20: Individual Donor Fundraising HANDOUT RECORDING

9/22/20: Corporate and Foundation Funding HANDOUT RECORDING